InnerVentures Yoga


I used to run. A LOT. I ran for fitness, for stress relief, to shape my physical self and to compete (mostly with myself). I ran to get away from things I wanted to avoid in my life. I tracked & measured my progress, got lots of new running gear, read books, attended workshops, and ran in 4-5 big events every year.

During most of these years I integrated other disciplines to help fuel my progress and protect & build my body. Nutrition and vitamins played a huge role (and I continue to tweak these elements). I got regular massages. I biked and lifted weights. I practiced Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga. All this stuff helped me fine tune my running habit that I knew was really not very healthy for me (because of my genetic predisposition to arthritis and spinal disc issues).

Toward the end of my running years, I found a wonderful method, called ChiRunning, that taught me how to completely change my running form; it truly helped minimize injury and resulting pain. But, despite all the tweaking, the short story is that I hurt. A LOT. So I quit running. My docs celebrated 🙂  And then after a while so did I, finally paying attention to bigger picture: long term health, wellness and balance.

So what's a girl who found physical activity so very fundamental in her life to do? I'd already incorporated other tools like meditation & journaling that helped me destress and not run away from things I liked to avoid; I took stock and realized that yoga was a very complementary discipline. And so decided to deep dive into my yoga practice. It offered me the physical challenge I craved, the escape from the noise I needed and helped me learn humility about what I used to think was important ... to be a "super-bendy, perfect form performing, head-standing yogi".

I love that yoga has become so much more than the physical practice I once used it for, and that I'm caring for myself much more holistically, with yoga as an important ingredient in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Remember I said deep dive? Yep, once I fully embraced the bigger picture of what yoga had to offer me, I decided to follow a path that led me to become a yoga teacher at an advanced age 😉  I am so glad to have taken that step and so very grateful to my teachers and fellow yogis along the way. I have become a much more aware yoga practitioner and teacher. And I continue to learn every day; with every practice, every student, and every class. Continuous learning and sharing are things that bring me the most joy in my life.

I love to explore the healing, rejuvenating, restorative and uplifting power of yoga and to encourage others to step on the mat and discover what yoga can do for them. I feel that by doing that, I’m helping others open a door that can lead them to ... who knows where. How cool is that?!

What's InnerVentures Yoga? It's a personal and shared practice that focuses on all the beautiful elements of yoga. I'll be talking more about this in workshops and classes. Stay tuned!!