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Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop


Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. But they remain just that: fleeting. After all, who has the time to intentionally get clear about what  we want to create?

In this workshop you will learn how to define your dreams and you'll create a Vision Board that will effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes to you! Learn more ...

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 Inner Critic Workshop


We all have one: an inner voice that expresses disapproval, criticism, and judgment of our actions. And it's our inner critic narratives, more than anything else, that keep us from living our best lives.

How would it feel to do your work and live in your life without so much influence from that voice of self-doubt? How much more would you get done without self-doubt slowing you down? And what would it be like to feel more peace and have more fun on any given day? Learn more about this workshop ...

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Inner Mentor Workshop

Once we we understand our inner critic voice for what it is, and become attuned to what it needs, it can shift from being an abusive intruder to an empowering ally. And we can step up our game by making room for other sources of wisdom. Learn more about this workshop ...

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