InnerVentures - Private Yoga Sessions

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Yoga can feel intimidating for those who've never tried it. The truth is this: Yoga is for Everyone!! There are so many benefits they're hard to count. Here are just a few:

  • Increase physical strength and flexibility
  • Improve mental strength and positivity
  • Deal better with stress
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Relieve back pain
  • Relieve arthritis pain
  • Boost immune system
  • Weight management & weight loss


I work 1:1 with people who want to explore yoga. They want to realize the multi-faceted benefits of the practice. They may be getting started with yoga but don't want to join a public class for any number of reasons (e.g. time, physical challenges, specific therapeutic needs, new to yoga).

Let's craft a personalized program of 1:1 sessions where you learn how to use yoga movement and other related practices, e.g., meditation, journaling. Our in person sessions deliver hands on practice where you learn yoga fundamentals tailored to your goals. I provide guidance and coaching and leave you with written guidance and tools that you use to practice between sessions.

A free phone consultation will clarify your goals and challenges. Let's talk!

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