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Coaching helps you find Clarity, make conscious Choices, and take positive Action  to get you where you want to go.


It was somewhere in my late 40's when I started to wonder 'Is this what it's all about'? I mean, I had it all; great everything: family, friends, career ... but there was a niggling internal voice that kept asking ... why does 'having it all' leave me feeling so unsettled, so unsure, so stuck? I managed to keep that little voice pretty quiet as I went on to bigger, better jobs and a truly rewarding career. I got to travel around the world, meet amazing, smart and fun people and keep learning and earning while I was doing it. Years passed ... as they do.

Along the way I was offered the opportunity to coach new managers in our global organization. I received training and got to flex my coaching muscles in working with leaders across the global business and with my own team. I noticed I was feeling better & more fulfilled when I was engaged in this way, so I stepped out in my local community to mentor a team of student entrepreneurs, participating in an exciting program that helped them launch their businesses. I also became an informal coach for friends and family who wanted some help with their own questions about career changes ... the ones that inevitably arise as we get firmly rooted in mid-life.

I started to pay more attention to what was going on in my heart instead of only listening to the noise in my head and decided to start living in a way that felt right. I set out to reclaim my energy, my relationships and my destiny. I engaged in a year long intensive training to become a Certified Professional Coach and here I am today: defector from corporate life, risk taker, and champion/guide for those embracing personal growth and development.

Some things don't change ... I work with amazing, smart and fun people. I keep learning. I travel. I dance.

Some things do change ... I get to spend my time helping others transform and witnessing their "a-ha moments". I see them light up. And I fully live the life I'm creating one day at a time.

I'm pretty amazed at all of this. I used to say I wish I'd started sooner but no more; I let go of regret. It's all worked out in a way that was right for me. And I've leaned into some universal truths about mid-life. It's a period of active and systematic change, and for many of us, change is not nearly as simple or easy as it used to be. This period of career and life renewal calls calls for deconstructing old beliefs and habits that no longer serve us (or maybe never did). It's a time to gain clarity on what's important, to make choices that are in alignment with who we truly are and want to be in our work, and then take action to create a life/career we love.

Today I work with those who are paying attention to that niggling voice.  It shows up differently for every one of them. Here are just a few examples. Perhaps you've said some of these things to yourself ?

  • Is it time and/or how can I change careers?
  • I lost my creative mojo and can't seem to get it back.
  • I've changed and am having a tough time figuring out who I am and who I want to be.
  • I need some inspiration so I can gladly step into a fulfilling second half of life.
  • I want to discover more about myself and how learn how to be happier and more positive.
  • I need help in rebuilding self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Am I good enough, smart enough, confident enough, xyz enough  ... ?

My story's not unique, not by a long shot. If it resonates for you and you'd like to explore what coaching can do for you, let's talk! I'd be honored to spend 30 minutes getting acquainted with you.

Let's explore whether coaching is right for you via a 30 minute phone call - no charge of course! Contact me

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

The Bhagavad Gita


I used to run. A LOT. I ran for fitness, for stress relief, to shape my physical self and to compete (mostly with myself). I ran to get away from things I wanted to avoid in my life. I tracked & measured my progress, got lots of new running gear, read books, attended workshops, and ran in 4-5 big events every year.

During most of these years I integrated other disciplines to help fuel my progress and protect & build my body. Nutrition and vitamins played a huge role (and I continue to tweak these elements). I got regular massages. I biked and lifted weights. I practiced Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga. All this stuff helped me fine tune my running habit that I knew was really not very healthy for me (because of my genetic predisposition to arthritis and spinal disc issues).

Toward the end of my running years, I found a wonderful method, called ChiRunning, that taught me how to completely change my running form; it truly helped minimize injury and resulting pain. But, despite all the tweaking, the short story is that I hurt. A LOT. So I quit running. My docs celebrated 🙂  And then after a while so did I, finally paying attention to bigger picture: long term health, wellness and balance.

So what's a girl who found physical activity so very fundamental in her life to do? I'd already incorporated other tools like meditation & journaling that helped me destress and not run away from things I liked to avoid; I took stock and realized that yoga was a very complementary discipline. And so decided to deep dive into my yoga practice. It offered me the physical challenge I craved, the escape from the noise I needed and helped me learn humility about what I used to think was important ... to be a "super-bendy, perfect form performing, head-standing yogi".

I love that yoga has become so much more than the physical practice I once used it for, and that I'm caring for myself much more holistically, with yoga as an important ingredient in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Remember I said deep dive? Yep, once I fully embraced the bigger picture of what yoga had to offer me, I decided to follow a path that led me to become a yoga teacher at an advanced age 😉  I am so glad to have taken that step and so very grateful to my teachers and fellow yogis along the way. I have become a much more aware yoga practitioner and teacher. And I continue to learn every day; with every practice, every student, and every class. Continuous learning and sharing are things that bring me the most joy in my life.

I love to explore the healing, rejuvenating, restorative and uplifting power of yoga and to encourage others to step on the mat and discover what yoga can do for them. I feel that by doing that, I’m helping others open a door that can lead them to ... who knows where. How cool is that?!

What's InnerVentures Yoga? It's a personal and shared practice that focuses on all the beautiful elements of yoga. I'll be talking more about this in workshops and classes. 

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