Coaching Programs

The best way to change your future is to create it
Abraham Lincoln

Energy Insights

A short and sweet online assessment and detailed debrief session that will help you look at your world in a whole new way!

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Gain Clarity

A tailored 9-12 week program designed to help clear out the clutter so you can envision where you want to go and take positive steps to get there.

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Inner Ventures

A custom-made, yet structured program of 12 - 18 weeks that dives deep into key topics of your choosing. Some examples: leadership, emotional intelligence, problem solving, productivity and more.

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Success Stories

When status quo was not working for me any more the decision to make much needed changes was very difficult to navigate on my own, second-guessing, fear and complacency were just some of the hurdles I needed to work through.

I was extremely fortunate to have had Cynthia as my coach and mentor during this period, Cynthia's ability to listen and then ask just the right thought-provoking questions helped me to gain the clarity and peace of mind I needed to make the transition from a great professional career to a life of new and exciting opportunities!

Cynthia is very perceptive and has a natural ability to get right to the root of the fear that holds us back from living a life in alignment with our values.  - Indira J.

Cynthia is inspirational and motivational. She has been a beacon of light for me through a time when my life goals were a bit blurry. She not only honed in on specific patterns, she masterfully guided me toward a fresh, untapped approach.

She listens with a caring and compassionate heart and asks appropriate questions to fully understand what's going on. She is the influence whom you want by your side when you're at the edge of the high dive and don't have the courage to make that beautiful swan dive you so longed to do your whole life.

She will take the time to encourage you, help you see why you should leap, visualize what the benefits are, and in the end, celebrate the joy when you muster the courage to finally take the plunge.  - Tina G.