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Want change in your life?  Coaching offers you a personalized approach to helping you make positive changes. Explore the many ways you can benefit from coaching.


Let's connect and explore your yoga practice. You may be just getting started or looking for new ways to step more fully into your practice. Public classes, private yoga, workshops? I've got you covered


Take a quick weekend getaway or indulge in a longer retreat - all designed to help you manifest the life you desire. Immerse your mind, body and spirit and create powerful connections with like minded women.


Interactive, small group sessions focused on various topics. There's always something going on that will bring you new insights about yourself and your world.

What People Are Saying ...

What I like best about working with Cynthia: She has been there - successfully working to advance her goals and career path and support her employers' mission. She really listens – the deep listening that hears what you are thinking and feeling layered with what you are saying. She takes the time to understand who you are and want to be and always honors that in her coaching. She provides the right balance of saying “you need to do these things” and helping you to decide what you need to do to move ahead. She instills confidence and pushes you to a level you may not have been 100% convinced you could expect of yourself initially.  

- Pam J

Cynthia is inspirational and motivational. She has been a beacon of light for me through a time when my life goals were a bit blurry. She not only honed in on specific patterns, she masterfully guided me toward a fresh, untapped approach.

She listens with a caring and compassionate heart and asks appropriate questions to fully understand what's going on. She is the influence whom you want by your side when you're at the edge of the high dive and don't have the courage to make that beautiful swan dive you so longed to do your whole life.

She will take the time to encourage you, help you see why you should leap, visualize what the benefits are, and in the end, celebrate the joy when you muster the courage to finally take the plunge.

 - Tina G.

I was fortunate to have worked with Cynthia when I transitioned from my professional career to new activities that speak more to my interests. With her guidance I was able to think out of the box, shifting perspectives on my life and accomplishments. Cynthia is a perceptive listener, which enabled her to pursue a line of questioning that helped me clarify my goals. Once my goals were clarified we were able to craft a plan of action.

Cynthia is passionate about coaching. She brings collaborative energy and depth of knowledge to her work. I highly recommend partnering with Cynthia for any individual or organization in transition, seeking a comprehensive approach to make that change successful.  

-Carolyn G.

Having Cynthia coach me was the best investment I have made for myself. I came to her to help me with a critical issue I was facing in my life,  Through her coaching I am able to use techniques to change my thoughts, feelings and how I come across at work and in my personal life.  I bring a higher level of energy to every aspect of my life. I am truly happier and feel more empowered to make the changes I want to make in my life.  Thanks Cynthia, for a life changing experience!

- Vicki S

In a previous role I had the pleasure of working closely with Cynthia. I have always been impressed by her leadership, her ability to gracefully navigate through company politics and her drive to get stuff done. A little over a year ago I was looking for guidance in order to further my own career, so asked Cynthia for advice as a business leader whom I respected, but also as someone who knew my organisation and knew a little bit about me. Cynthia accepted the challenge and her ability to listen, understand and make insightful suggestions has made a dramatic and tangible difference in my own approach to my work, my ability to self-promote in a good way and really to remind me of my true value in the market place. Her guidance has helped enormously with me identifying what I want to do next in my career, how to grow as an individual and how to use this information to good effect. Indeed this process is already beginning to bear fruit and it goes to prove that even in your mid 40s, you are never too old to learn new tricks! I always greatly look forward to speaking with Cynthia and her calm, pleasant manner always leaves me feeling refreshed, energised and ready to tackle the next step. In short, I cannot recommend Cynthia enough as a coach, mentor and I hope, friend!  

- Andy M.

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